New Product Lines

Yes folks, it’s been a busy couple of months!

Things around the range have been picking up and we’ve had a wide variety of shooters on the line. Things in the store have been steadily getting busier each week, and we’ve got some exciting news in that department!

via 3Rivers Archery

We are now a distributor for both 3Rivers Archery and Lancaster Archery. 3Rivers specializes in traditional archery gear and as such we can bring in all the new and fun gear a trad shooter could ever want- even the hard to find stuff. Lancaster Archery specializes in target archery of all sorts, from 3D target shooting to Olympic style recurve. They carry a wide variety of gear and accessories to keep our customers on target.

via Prois Hunting and Field Apparel

via Prois Hunting and Field Apparel

Another new line we are bringing in is Prois Hunting and Field Apparel. Prois specializes in clothing and accessories for female hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

And finally, we’re proud to announce that we are bringing in Hoyt Archery. Hoyt is a dominating presence in the sport of archery. Wherever bows are drawn, be it in a treestand, on the line at a tournament, or on the acreage with friends and family, Hoyt makes top quality bows that are renowned for their innovation, durability and shootability.

All the above product lines will be rolling out in our store over the next month, and are available for special orders immediately.