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First Weekend

A proud Canadian archery company

We’ve been busy all weekend here at Wyld Archery!

The store’s in full swing now following minor techinical difficulties with our debit machine towards the end of last week. Archers have been making their way to the lanes all week and the sweet music of arrows thumping home at the end of the range has been filling the air.

Our next big project is getting some signage up, as we’re a bit tough to see tucked away as we are behind Canopy West. We’ll keep you updated on here and our social media accounts as we get signs in place.

Justin has been itching to use the new string jig he installed in the back, and likewise wants to put his fletching jigs to use- if you need new strings, cables or want some arrows fletched then swing by and he’ll set you up.

We’ve had a good combination of shooters come in the door- young and old, traditional archers and bowhunters, experts and beginners. A diverse crowd like that probably has a lot of stories- anybody have any good archery stories to share? See any archery cosplayers at Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo? Get out into the field and see any trophy bucks? Gear disasters or triumphant bullseyes? Feel free to tell us all about it on Facebook, or Twitter!