Products and Services

Here at Wyld Archery, we are supporters of the military and emergency responders, so to show a small token of our gratitude, we offer a 10% discount on all products and services to all current members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Police, Ambulance and Fire Department. (With proper identification)

We are the city of Edmonton’s exclusive dealer for APA, and Hoyt. As well we carry PSE, Bear, Martin, and Ragim and many others. We are always working towards expanding our selection, so check in frequently for our growing lineup of bows, arrows and archery accessories. All bows purchased at Wyld Archery include complimentary lane time: Bows under $500 but over $200 in value get 15 full day lane passes, Bows over $500 get 30 full day lane passes.

Additionally we aim to be the largest traditional archery dealer in Edmonton, with products ranging from English Warbows to wooden arrows and even bow building supplies and stone arrowheads. If there is some traditional gear that you are looking for, just let us know, and we can try and find it for you.

We cater to hunters and target archers, so if you want something specific, just ask, and we will do our best to make it happen as soon as possible.


Lane Fees

We do not take reservations. First Come, First Serve- just drop in!

$14.00 per day for adults, $12.00 per day for youth (age 11 and younger)

$20.00 per day for crossbows

$7.00 recurve rental (includes bow, 3 arrows, target and basic instruction)

$14.00 compound rental (includes bow, 3 arrows, target and basic instruction)

$160 for a fifteen session pass, which can be used by one person fifteen times, fifteen people one time or any combination adding up to fifteen times (bow rental extra).

$210.00 for a thirty session pass, which can be used by one person thirty times, thirty people one time, or any combination adding up to thirty times (bow rental extra).

GST extra

Membership Fees

Getting a membership is a great way to save money and be able to shoot anytime during store hours (unless there is an event or private party booked in advance) All equipment rental is extra.

$250.00 three months
$350.00 family three months

$350.00 six months
$475.00 family six month

$450.00 year (also includes 10% off all services such as tuning, and custom strings)
$600.00 family year (two adults and two children seventeen and under)

GST extra
Service Fees

All accessories and equipment purchased through Wyld Archery will be installed and set up for free. Equipment purchased through other sources will have a fee for installation and setting up.

Cutting arrow .25 per arrow
Fletching $2.00 per arrow plus vanes or feathers
D-loop $5.00
Peep sight $5.00
Kisser button $5.00
Sights $5.00
Standard rest $5.00
Mounting a quiver $5.00
Drop-away rest $10.00
Installing a cable $15.00 each ($20.00 if drop away rest needs to be re-installed)
Installing a string $25.00 (includes re-installation of d-loop, peep sight and kisser button)
Installing set of string and cables $40.00

GST extra

Strings and Cables

All strings prices include installation and tuning of the bow, including one follow up re-tuning if needed. Prices include one, two, or three colours.

Dynaflight 97
Dual and Hybrid/cam and a half $50.00
Single cam $75.00
Cables $25.00 each

GST extra